There's numerous definition to RPO in trendy time, dealing with activity/processes if one calls as RPO , the other talks about proudly owning the complete Recruitment feature of consumer as RPO even as few say having the recruiters deployed at customer vicinity is taken into consideration to be RPO.

In the end some of these conveys approximately outsourcing the functions to specialized business enterprise in order that aid optimization and well-timed shipping is ensured while the functions which might be fee centers make certain there's a tab on value by way of preserving or decreasing price.

Recruitment as characteristic is becoming tough each day with dynamic trade in enterprise call for and quick deliver of talent becoming into business need, the mission of hiring the right expertise at proper time at preferred region is the toughest and herculean venture.

Services under Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Activity owned delivery
  • Success based or End delivery


We paintings carefully with consumer to apprehend their modern-day method and the anticipated shipping and suggest as well own the obligation to improve the inner techniques through adopting our experience and era to reap extended efficiencies. As analytics play a key function and every pastime need.

As analytics play a key function and every pastime needs to be measured, we've brought multiple metric primarily based interest measuring device's within the recruitment approaches allowing us to research and work on continuous improvement via introducing education, generation and custom designed manner.

The activity kicks off on the level of want expectation from commercial enterprise on form of resources required, with the aid of sharing the actual marketplace intelligence and quality viable resources that may be drawn to the supply chain management (Sub vendors, inner recruitment, sourcing equipment etc.), pre-screening and selection method, scheduling, offer system, lower back floor verification exams and on boarding.


VINTEK SOLUTION take's entire possession on business requirement, having resources on boarded as consistent with TAT is the delivery commitment and surely the first-class of the candidate pool available as in keeping with the enterprise requirement performs a larger function and glaringly all classified ads are evaluated at the end results.

This method now not only make sure the deliver dedication , it additionally gives the value benefit as there's a committed crew centered and their 100% efforts are simplest on one task/enterprise requirements.

The scope consists of the entire process from studying enterprise want to on boarding, but most importantly the aid making plans, downsizing or growing recruiters electricity primarily based on fluctuation of commercial enterprise.