Xakal is not just for learning but also a platform to know job interviews for your job description. The primary concept is to help college students study everything online. Every student has a unique graph based on their learning and speed. 1 st semester until placements Xakal will guide you all the way. All the subjects are mapped to your syllabus so you can easily find them during times of need.

Get any materials you want with handy access
Refer books that make studying simple with important pointers

It’s adaptive to learn from as you can save all the important materials. Prepare a schedule and access the required books based on the exam dates. For all graduates looking for a job, Xakal will locate all the companies, startups by accessing the information given about your educational qualification.

Moreover, it helps both educational institutions and students do so. Colleges don't have to provide students with space for learning and with some additional materials for their education. Students don't have to travel somewhere to build new skills and gain new knowledge

Learning is essential for every career and organization. This helps forms a necessary part in acquiring skills and discovering new ways of relating to reach your goals.